Building Smarter


Dedicated to Building Smarter


Mike Mancini created SoDella Construction for one purpose……Building Smarter.

After decades of home building, Mike came to the realization that the industry was overdue for change. The industry was strong but was missing something...a true desire to innovate. Not just innovating in the sense of new floor plans and cool new spaces in homes but innovating the actual way we build. Building Smarter is the driving mission behind Mike’s company, SoDella Construction.

Changing the way the industry builds is only hard because the industry is actually too busy building the way it used to. However, if we take a step back and ask, "If we started over, would we do it differently?" The answer is “Yes”. It’s easy to do it the same way as everybody else does.  It’s easy to do it the same way we used to.  At SoDella, that’s not good enough.  Mike is committed to focus on Building Smarter, even when times are busy and the industry tries to pull back.

At SoDella, Mike drives innovation and quality to ensure all clients get something special, that most other builders can’t deliver.  Building Smarter is our commitment to quality and high value, bringing great opportunity to our clients, employees and our partners in the industry.